Only through myriads of primordial charismatic communion cores, wherever there are
three or more Christians, one can counter the drift of ever-increasing secularity. New
evangelization is possible only in this way-

The Gospel is beautiful and also easy, if well matched with the heart, in the pursuit of Christ. We
must always talk about the Gospel for what it is and not for some behaviours and ceremonies. There
is much talk of Jesus as a fundamental encounter, in the discovery of divine mercy, but the choice
of Christ is not operatively linked with a real following, a walk with others in charismatic primary
communion. We should serenely testify the Gospel as a new life in Christ, with a strong bond of
fraternity. The announcement, the kerigma, includes the CALL (baptism is always vocational) to
the FOLLOWING (which must be real in a path of holiness), in primary communion with our
brothers and with a MISSIONARY MANDATE.
To actually move along such path, it is necessary to CONCRETE the inner life, the communion and
the mission: it means weekly meetings, prayer (before the rosary and the praises …), taking charge
of the parish or the environment. With premarital chastity (which is like an enchantment).
The charismatic groups that flourished in the twentieth century demonstrate that a primary
communion crosses every obstacle, wins secularity, makes prenuptial chastity and family life, with
joy and fertility of children, and vocations to celibacy, make people apostolic, etc. Suffice to think
of the enormous difference between families belonging to charismatic paths (including so many
examples within the parishes) than those who marry in church, but only by religious tradition.
The latter split up in 40% of cases, as well as those who entered in a civil marriage. And, as
many, are suffering, even if they do not split up, they have maximum two children, with an often
self-referential motherhood and without the free gift of life (without ever judging from outside!)
While The first category of families are loyal in about 98%, as some cases of misconduct may
sometimes occur, and they tend to have many children.
It is sufficient to meditate a little about the above-mentioned data to understand the enormous
difference between those who live and experience the Gospel in primary communion and those who
are content with the mere Christian religion. Here there is the new evangelization! All other pastoral
efforts, albeit full of goodwill, remain sterile.