Love has natural dimensions, with religious roots, and a supernatural dimension of
given charity, coming from Christ’s redemption in the Paschal Mystery: incarnation, passion
and death, resurrection, Pentecost. At natural level, love undergoes the deviations and
deceptions of the original sin. On a supernatural level, one must enter into the life of faith
deserved by Jesus Christ and given to us by the Holy Spirit. This is an ontologically new
New creation, new participation in Being with intensification of the act of being, and
new awareness, in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost changes the mentality of the apostles,
moving from pre-understanding dictated by Jewish tradition to a new, Christian way of

thinking. That is why it is of utmost importance to distinguish the natural dimensions of
religion from the supernatural dimension of Christian faith.
Concretely there is very little Gospel in the world. For centuries it has been left to
religious vows, distinguishing a Christianity according to the commandments and another
according to the councils. In fact there is only one Gospel, compatible with all honest living
conditions. But each person must feel the call of personal Christ in love. That answers with a
real sequel, in a path of holiness (with Gospel, sacraments, shepherds), in primary charismatic
communion, and with a missionary mandate. If one of such five joints is missing, there is no
living Gospel. This should open the eyes on the way how many people feel they are Christians,
but, under the label, there are only few who are religious. The charismatic lay realities have
opened up the paths of holiness in the world, based on baptism. The whole institutional
Church shall support the charismatic communion.